Gyroscopic pool table for yachts and superyachts

A pool table on yachts may sound strange, but it has become a reality thanks to new technical marvels that are able to stabilize both the table and balls in spite of the unstable and fickle sea surface which we are all familiar with.

There is an unusual partnership that brings together two companies, the French company Billards Toulet and Stable, which operates in Norway where it builds gyroscopes for recreational use. The result is surprising. Together, the two companies have succeeded in bringing pool tables on board yachts and superyachts and, what’s more, putting a gyroscope inside. And this is an absolute first. The routine on board will never be the same again: relaxation and pool tables are part of the same family. And we bet that some world billiard champions, such as Giampiero Rosanna and Carlo Cifalà, are already thinking about organizing a billiard challenge in a marine environment on board some dream boat.

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