Ultimate comfort and control starts with stabilization

The platforms eliminate accelerations due to roll and pitch movements – and all other movements – of the ship. To achieve this, the movements of the ship are estimated based on sensor signals and the platform is automatically adjusted by computer controlled actuators. STABLE Platforms neutralize the movements of the sea.


You don’t need to compromise any more. A stabilized embedded plattform inside your bed will let you sleep unaffected through waves.

Available both in single, double, queen and king size versions and can be installed in high end suites, hospital ships, naval vessels or any other vessel above 60 feet.
The design can be customized to match your preferences, and a variety of beds in the market can be adapted to our Stabilized Platform.

2014/2015: We are now testing STABLE stabilized king size beds at DFDS.

The core of a STABLE Bed is the stabilized platform on which a “normal” bed (mattress and exterior) is put upon and around. STABLE normally delivers only the platform, but can also design and deliver a complete bed. The STABLE platform can support nearly all beds sizes from single beds (220 cm x 140 cm) to king size beds (220 cm x 290 cm). The STABLE frame is minimum 32 cm high and can compensate for +-7 dgrs. movement in both pitch and roll. Maximum speed is 6 dgrs./sec.

For “a leveled sleep” in a sailing yacht more than 7 dgrs. roll compensation is needed. We can deliver a special designed bed that moves up to +- 20 dgrs. in roll direction. To achieve that, the frame height has to be increased to approx. 50 cm.

The stabilization of the platform is achieved using 2 electrical servo motors. Standard power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, max 220 Watt. Other options of power are available.

To be “stable” the bed frame has to be bolted to the floor.

The bed is controlled (start and stop) using a small user interface that may be integrated in the bed itself or on the wall.


However lovely, sometimes you need a break from the movements of the sea. STABLE Platforms is the world’s first stabilized bed for use aboard ships. The ship can pitch and roll with the waves, your bed remains stable at all times.

Originally developed for use in North Sea offshore applications, the Marine Stabilized Platform ™ technology provides the most advanced computer and sensor technology. And since it is built for use in beds, it is nearly inaudible (< 40 dBA).

Should you want to roll and pitch along with the ship, the bed can easily be deactivated. STABLE platforms are easy to use. It’s time to stabilize!


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