Immediate need for treatment does not always happen during calm sea

STABLE stretcher support

When time and immediate action is of essence!

The STABLE stretcher support is a unique apparatus designed for maximum patient comfort and safety during emergency transport.

The safe transportation of critically ill or injured patients requires that exposure to sudden movement should be kept to an absolute minimum, to reduce bleeding complications, maintain hemodynamic stability, prevent spinal injury and minimize the risk of other clinical complications.

The STABLE stretcher support is designed to absorb and counter both kinetic momentum and extraneous movements to the ambulance or rescue vessel, thereby mitigating against the clinical risks associated with emergency patient transportation.

The use of a stabilized stretcher support also facilitates the provision of basic medical assistance and intervention during the transit operation.

Stable Medical

When time and immediate action is of essence!

Safeguarding comfort, health and ultimately lives of patients – independent of ships heavy movements in sea. Mitigating any possible chirurgic challenges due vessel movements. Compact, engineered to match standardized equipment for deployments at sea, in the air or on land-based vehicles.

The STABLE sickbay

Because accidents do not always happen on sunny days…

Naval vessels, large yachts and cruise ships can all encounter the need for emergency treatment. The severity of an injury or acute illness does not provide for waiting, and thus the team has to be independent of wave conditions. The STABLE Sickbay can save lives, in addition to increasing the efficiency and reducing risks when used onboard ships.

STABLE Sickbay lets your medical team be 100% focused at the task at hand, hence any movements of the surroundings may have fatal consequences.


Mitigate fatigue or seasickness, secure the health and comfort of your passengers.

For high-end suites requiring the uppermost luxury, or for cruise ships operating in harsh areas. A stabilized embedded platform inside the bed will let your passengers sleep unaffected through waves. Available in all sizes, and will be customized to match your preferences, for refit or for newbuildings.


Mitigate fatigue or seasickness amongst your crew!

The main reason for inadequate sleep amongst seafarers is movements of the ship. Poor sleep impacts safety of operations when humans are in the loop, even more as operations are rationalized and automated. Having the option to stabilize the bed for the most affected seafarers will safe life, increase efficiency and secure welfare of your crew.


Important and delicate measurements may be impacted even by the smallest movements onboard. A super accurate stabilized table or small desktop platform will secure the important work onboard.