Showcase the impossible

The STABLE billiard/snooker/pool table

A wow feature for cruise ships and superyachts!

The first stabilized billiard tables were installed onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships in 2002 – and these gyroscopic marvels have been enjoyed by grateful passengers ever since.

Our unique acceleration-free technology ensures that balls only move when hit and maintain a true trajectory.

We work closely with leading suppliers of snooker and pool equipment to ensure that each table is  manufactured and fitted to each customer’s individual specification.


Go wild – get a bowling lane!

If you believe you have to be on land to play bowling; think again. Invite guests and passengers for an exceptional experience. STABLE know how to make magic happens!

Each platform carries two alleys, including the approach, pin handling and bowl return mechanism.


Gamers get onboard!

Imagine having the perfect space and stabilized surroundings when gaming or when spending time online. Narrow focusing over time requires stabilized surroundings. With a STABLE Game Zone, you can play longer, feel more awake and keep on for as long as you like.


A dedicated stabilized ping pong table, or simply transform your stabilized billiard table into a “two-in-one” system.

STABLE Foosball

Complement your entertainment possibilities onboard, forget the waves and movements onboard.


Escape the light pollution!

A stabilized platform allowing 360 degree of viewing, including space for the operator. Or maybe a small platform just for the telescope. Extreme level of stabilization, suitable for viewing various night sky objects. Option, track and compensate the azimuth variations.


Safeguard your comfort and concentration during your play, we offer a system stabilizing the table and the seating’s.