Increase the weather window and safeguard your maritime UAV operations

The stable unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) platform

Increase the weather window – secure your values!

The STABLE UAV platform provides a steady take-off and landing stage for autonomous operations, both at sea or on a moving vehicle.

UAV operations at sea are challenging, due to the roll and pitch movements of the ship and the interaction of the hull with waves and swell. The STABLE drone platform enhances the safety of such operations and can significantly increase the weather window for the performance of maritime and offshore UAV activities.

The STABLE platform can be designed either for mobile use or for fixed installation, and tailored to meet the customer’s individual specification.

The stable UAV hangar

Safeguard your equipment between operations!

The STABLE UAV hangar provides a shelter for your valuable UAV and makes it easily be transported to the vessel with specific needs in your fleet.

The hanger provides protection from hostile weather conditions, and offers a stable platform to facilitate maintenance work to be carried out between operations.
The STABLE UAV hangar may be integrated with “Drone In a Box” (DIB) systems from 3rd parties.

The stable helicopter guidance platform

Helicopter safety first!

Helicopter approach path indicator (HAPI) systems are widely used to provide guidance to pilots to facilitate a safe and accurate glide slope on the final approach to a shipboard landing.

Mounting the HAPI system on a STABLE platform significantly improves the pilot’s ability to recognize and follow the optical signals from the HAPI unit, enhancing the safety of helicopter operations at sea, especially in hostile weather conditions.


The technology and know-how are available, stabilize the complete helideck to ease the take-off and landing under the most critical weather conditions.


Improve the system accuracy and increase the range of operation during harsh weather conditions.