Perform in rough seas


Stay focused – give the work on your desk the attention it deserves!

You can increase the efficiency, stay focused, get the work done and reduce risks when stabilized desks are used onboard ships and floating installations. Be 100% focused at the task at hand – forget any movements of the surroundings.


Fit for work when arriving!

Offshore Wind installation does not only fail during sunny days, and technicians need to be transported to site for maintenance and repair independent on weather conditions. Safeguard their ability to work and be effective by increasing the comfort, prevent and cure seasickness.


Important and delicate measurements may be impacted even by the smallest movements onboard. A super accurate stabilized table or small desktop platform will secure the important work onboard.


Increase the efficiency!

Containerized control rooms are an efficiently way to increase the operational potential for a vessel. Still, personnel working inside such compartments are easily affected by waves, roll and pitch movements. As a result, the quality of their work could be reduced dramatically or they could be unable to continue and stop the operation.

Use of STABLE container stabilizing technology dramatically increase the operators comfort during heavy weather and thereby increase the quality of operation and extend the effective weather window.


Increase the weather window – secure your values!

Stabilized platforms to secure take-off and landing at sea or on moving vehicles. UAV operations at sea are challenging, among others due to the roll and pitch movements of the ship in the waves. Our stabilized drone platforms may be transportable or for fixed installation, standardized or bespoken – you choose.


Mitigate fatigue or seasickness amongst your crew!

The main reason for inadequate sleep amongst seafarers is movements of the ship. Poor sleep impacts safety of operations when humans are in the loop, even more as operations are rationalized and automated. Having the option to stabilize the bed for the most affected seafarers will safe life, increase efficiency and secure welfare of your crew.