The Stable Idea


Having observed how the billiard table, a prized activity on board, was useless in rough seas, a cruise passenger challenged his engineer friends: Is it possible to make a billiard table for use on a cruise ship, that will remain stable – even during rougher sea conditions?

Svend Heier took up on the challenge, and in the year 2000 the very first stabilized billiard table was tested on the ferry between Oslo, Norway and Kiel, Germany.

One of the engineers working aboard was struck by seasickness during the test trip. A clever head suggested that he should have a rest on the stable billiard table. After a short while, the engineer was no longer sea sick. Thus the idea of a stabilized bed was born. And so was STABLE, the company.

Founder, Svend Heier


STABLE AS is a Norwegian company established April 10th, 2002.

The company is based on Stabilized Platform technology, originally developed for use in active heave compensated cranes for the Offshore Industry. The STABLE platform reduces forces (movements and accelerations) – on processes or the human body due to roll and pitch movements of the ship or vehicles. These movements and accelerations are estimated based on various sensor signals and the platform is automatically adjusted by computer-controlled
electrical actuators.


Proven technology since 2002!

STABLE has proven its value through one of the most demanding applications in terms of responsiveness and accuracy: the STABLE Billiard, which has been installed on a number of cruise ships and luxury yachts. Thousands of cruise passengers have had the pleasure to enjoy a steady game of pool, even in rough sea.
The stabilized platforms remove the roll and pitch movements on a ship “dancing” in the waves (or a car making turns or retarding/accelerating) or in other words: stabilize humans and “things” onboard a ship moving in the waves.


We are proud to present our chosen partners

STABLE AS is located in Arendal – a small historical coastal town in the southern part of Norway. 95% of the platforms and technology is made and produced in Norway.


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