It started with an idea to make stabilized pool tables

Facsimile from DNB News: From IT millionaires, film stars and oil sheikhs to ambulance patients and migrating birds, this is a different entrepreneurial journey. We make stabilized platforms for things or people who are on board a vessel or in a moving vehicle and who would prefer to be at rest, explains Svend Heier (72) […]

Gyroscopic pool table for yachts and superyachts

A pool table on yachts may sound strange, but it has become a reality thanks to new technical marvels that are able to stabilize both the table and balls in spite of the unstable and fickle sea surface which we are all familiar with. There is an unusual partnership that brings together two companies, the […]

Marine surveys of migratory birds using stabilized ornithological radar

3Bird and STABLE are pleased to confirm the conclusion of an agreement aligning their technologies to enable survey operations of birds at sea. The project, to be conducted within the Norway Grants Blue Growth area, will result in an innovative service previously unavailable on the global market, one that will increase the competitiveness of enterprises […]