The enabler for surplus exclusivity, uppermost comfort and uniqueness onboard

Stable Bed

Ultimate comfort starts with a stabilized bed!

For high-end suites requiring the uppermost luxury. A stabilized embedded platform inside your bed will let you sleep unaffected through waves. Available in all sizes, and will be customized to match your preferences, for refit or for newbuildings. Even for Racing Yachts or Sailing yachts – neutralizing 40 degree roll or more!

Stable Golf Onboard

Another world first

Finally, our unique technology will allow golf putting on board superyachts. The super accurate acceleration free STABLE platform will ensure a controlled full golf putting experience onboard.

Stable Billiard​

A wow factor for cruise ships and yachts!

The very first stabilized billiard tables where installed onboard RCCL in 2002 – and still gains lot of interest in social media. Our unique acceleration free technology ensures that the billiard balls move only when hit and in straight lines when expected to.

We work closely with 3rd party billiard suppliers, designers and interior outfitters to ensure that the table will be manufactured to your unique specification.


Incorporate stabilized technology in existing furniture onboard, or collaborate with vessel interior supplier to boost the uniqueness and comfort onboard.


When wellbeing has the highest priorities!

To install a large stabilized platform as a “zone” may be your best investment. The impressive STABLE technology is developed for maximum comfort and uppermost accuracy.


Impressive technology for true oenophiles!

Waves may do so much to sooth your mind, but have a lesser effect on the valuable wine onboard. Dregs and sediments are rolled around in the bottle, with uncontrolled maturing as a result. We have therefore developed a stabilized platform for wine cabinets – or a stabilized deck for your wine cellar.

Every system will be bespoken and thereby completely unique for your Yacht.

STABLE Art and Sculpture

When stabilizing is everything!

Fine antiques, aquarium, art, sculpture, screens or other delicate parts of the interior sometimes need to be stabilized without harmful bolting or “gluing” the item to the yacht or ship.

Go for a stabilized platform customized for your need to secure the most delicate items onboard.


Be fully equipped for exercising!

A stabilized sport platform allows you to maintain your workout routine on the open ocean and when the waves are running.

Whether you prefer running on a treadmill, lifting weights or enjoying yoga lessons – the STABLE workout platforms are the perfect solution. They may run 24/7 and are very easy to use. Can be placed on deck or integrated into the deck construction.

Stable Spa

Totally relaxing!

Safeguarding treatment even under the most challenging weather conditions. May be integrated to massage benches, massage area, treatment zone or why not the jacuzzi? The stabilizing technology can be placed on deck or integrated into the deck construction.

To make the experience onboard exceptionally relaxing, add a premium Spa platform.