Next generation of STABLE algorithms – Extreme accuracy!

STABLE is pleased to announce implementation of new regulation algorithms, reaching stabilizationaccuracy up to 99 %! This paves the way for applications demanding super accuracy, and in addition increasing the robustness of our high frequency use-cases. The illustration below shows data captured from an actual platform stabilization, boat movements (blue) of +/- 11 degrees roll […]


TideWise and STABLE are pleased to confirm successful final tests in December 2020 for the ARIEL project using the USV Tupan.  The stabilized drone platform from STABLE was selected as the instrument for safeguarding UAV operations. This R&D project, consisting of an autonomous oil spill detection system, was executed in partnership with Repsol Sinopec Brasil […]

How can passion drive innovation?

Having observed how the billiard table, a prized activity on board, was useless in rough seas, a cruise passenger challenged his engineer friends: Is it possible to make a billiard table for use on a cruise ship, that will remain stable – even during rougher sea conditions? See Svend Heier’s great talk at TEDxArendal. Svend […]